We believe training our Discipleship Group Leaders is an integral part of our Discipleship Groups’ growth and health. Because our goal is that men and women would cherish Jesus and His gospel, training our leaders is not only a priority, but a means by which we equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12-16).

Our Discipleship Group (DG) Leader training is broken up into 4 major segments—Form, Prepare, Implement, and Multiply. Our initial training briefly summarizes each of these 4 areas to provide a broad overview and help situate new leaders to the landscape of how things work in our DGs here at Wellspring. Following up on this initial instruction, each quarter we dive deeper into one of the 4 major training areas—strategies and considerations for forming groups, preparing yourself as a leader, implementing the nuts and bolts of group management, and fostering multiplication at the very core of the DG.


Interested in Leading a DG?

  1. Listen to the four initial training teaching sessions below
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  • Form

    Dan Kim
    How do DGs form?

  • Prepare

    Chad Porter
    How do we prepare for DGs?

  • Implement

    Sam Shin
    How does a DG practically function?

  • Multiply

    Thomas Kim
    How and when do DGs multiply?