What Are Discipleship Groups?

We believe that Jesus commands us to be disciples and make disciples of Jesus. Therefore, one of the means by which Wellspring makes disciples is to form Discipleship Groups.  These are the heart of our Body, where the Gospel is applied and where we hope to see life transformation.

The following our the distinctives of our Discipleship Groups:

  • Gospel Application

    Growing together in the Gospel through God’s Word and prayer

  • Single-Gendered

    Gathering for growth and spiritual intimacy

  • Small Size (3-5 People)

    Allows for vulnerability and time together

  • Multiplication

    Multiplying disciples as a core element of each Discipleship Group (Mt 28:18-20)

  • Time Limited

    Limited to meeting one to two terms (9 months for each term)

  • Training and Care

    Developing leaders through training and care from Wellspring leadership

Interested in joining a Discipleship Group?

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