Our Favorite Part Thus Far — The Qumran Caves

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Our favorite place thus far has been the Qumran caves.  For those of you who don’t know the story, it is the place where a Bedouin shepherd boy accidentally discovered a cave of jars containing biblical and non-biblical manuscripts.  These scrolls are some of the oldest manuscripts of the Bible, and to see this cave up close was exciting.  I think it wasn’t merely the fact that these caves contained these scrolls, but it was also the fact that these caves were kept in similar fashion to what the Essene community, the Jewish ascetics who live there over 2000 years ago, actually lived in at the time.  And if you have been following our journey through Israel thus far, it has been very, very rare to find an untouched aspect of the ancient biblical period.  The Catholic and Orthodox churches have not done much in retaining any proximity of the original.  Instead, over the top, ornate icons and basilicas seem to cover every biblical site.  I’m just glad these caves are closed to development from Catholics, Orthodox, Protestant, and Jews.

A sampling of the scrolls from the Israel Museum which houses the scrolls…


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