Hands at Work, Africa

In 2005, a team of 5 men from Wellspring went to visit Hands at Work in South Africa. Little did they know that not only would they be forever changed by what they saw, they would bring back many stories of God’s heart for Africa. The following year, the president and founder of Hands at Work, George Snyman, would visit the United States for the first time. He would inspire others to go, and a second team from Wellspring visited in 2007. One woman on that team, Lauren Lee, was so moved that she initiated a American branch of Hands at Work, today now known as Hands at Work, USA.

Today, Wellspring partners with Hands at Work, Africa to care for Mcheneke, Malawi with our two partner churches, Christ Church and Grace Alameda. Along with our sister churches, we are providing three essential services, food, basic medical care, and education to 250 orphans and vulnerable children.