Membership Process

Our Membership Process consists of the following:

  • AUDIO: Listen to the following talks that walk you through the story, vision, and structure of Wellspring.
  • FORM: Complete THIS Membership Application Form.
  • INTERVIEW: Undergo an interview with one of the Elders.
  • APPROVAL: The Elders will then vote on your membership.
  • INSTALLATION: We will install you as a member at the earliest Sunday possible before the church.
CLICK on the icons to listen.
  • Our Story

    Sam shares the story of Wellspring’s beginning to the current day.

  • Our Vision

    Sam speaks on Wellspring’s Vision.

  • Our Membership

    What is membership and why should anyone care?

  • Our Leadership

    The structure of the leadership of Wellspring

  • Our Structure: Overview

    Head, Heart, Hands, Whole: How we implement our vision

  • Our Structure: Equipping Ministries (Head)

    Equipping God’s people for ministry

  • Our Structure: Discipleship Groups (Heart)

    Small group heart and gospel transformation

  • Our Structure: Gospel Communities (Hands)

    The outworking of our vision and mission through community

  • Our Structure: Sunday Worship (Whole)

    The culmination and driver of our life together in the Gospel